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Cometan Celebrates 22nd Birthday & Astronist New Year!

Everyone here at Cometanica wish the Founder of Astronism, Cometan, a very special 22nd birthday and we are also excited to announce that the new Astronist year is named The Year of Manifestation.

We are so proud to have our publisher named after you and to chronicle your early life and the lives of your ancestors. In true Cometanica style, let's reminisce of Cometan's earlier birthdays from the 1990s and 2000s!

Beginning with his birth which took place at Sharoe Green Hospital on 1st July 1998 at approximately 5:30pm. In this picture, classified as a Notable Image of Cometan by the Astronist Institution, Cometan is held by his maternal grandmother, Hilda Warbrick.

In the second image, Cometan is seen celebrating his fifth birthday with his cousins Thomas, Emma, Shannon and Jamie all around him and with his paternal grandparents, Derrick and Irene Mary Taylor in the background.

These special images show how Cometan has celebrated his birthdays through his childhood years.

But head on over to to find out how Cometan has celebrated his 22nd Birthday today.

Again, best wishes Cometan for the brand new year to come which has been recently announced as The Year of Manifestation in the history of Astronism which begins today 1st July 2020 and will end on 30th June 2021.

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