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Alternate names and spellings:

Kometan, Gomedan, Kang Ming En, Kawmatan, Komatyan

Cometan, also referred to as Cometan the Contemplator, is a British Astronic philosopher, astronomer, and religious scholar best known for being the singular founder of the Astronist religion and for being the author of Astronism's founding text, the Omnidoxy, which stretched to over 2 million words in total upon completion.


A major contribution of Cometan's to the study of religion is his organisation and naming of the Astronic religious and philosophical tradition, one that is thematised by astronomy and the stars, and would come to stand alongside the well-established and delineated traditions of religion, the Abrahamic, Dharmic and Taoic traditions.

Cometan became known around the world from his adolescent years for founding a new religion and philosophy known as Astronism, a religion which emphasised proximation with the astronomical world and remains underpinned by the notion that The Cosmos is an important source of spirituality. 

Cometan has become known by the Astronomical Philosopher moniker for his mixing of philosophy with astronomy is very systematic and organised way, as evidenced by his founding of Astronism. Cometan's invention of the discipline of study of cosmontology, which is essentially the philosophy of space, formed the basis of Astronism and signalled to the world Cometan's deep devotion towards and contemplation of all that is extraterrestrial. 

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